Rug Cleaning

rugs of all types cleaned
Rugs can be cleaned on-site or they can be picked up and delivered back once the cleaning process has been completed.

Your rug will be cleaned in the most appropriate way taking into consideration the fibre composition, level of soiling and overall condition.

The cleaning of rugs on site may not produce the same results as for rugs that are taken away due to the limitation of space, equipment and drying process; although this is obviously reflected in the cost of on-site versus take away and return cleaning.
Every rug is deep dry vacuumed numerous times prior to the main cleaning process which may be steam cleaning, dry solvent cleaning or deep shampoo treatment with hand cleaning. Stain protection may then be applied to protect against future spills.

All rugs that have been taken away will be completely dried prior to a final vacuum, after which your clean rug will be delivered back to you.
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Modern and antique rug cleaning.

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Did you know ...
There is evidence of weaving and the existence of rugs in ancient Mesopotamia and Turkey as far back as 7000 and 8000 B.C., and in Egypt (wool and cotton) as early as the third millennium B.C.
Weaving developed in many other parts of the world in addition to Europe, including parts of the Americas as far back as 5500 B.C.. Weavers began to use natural colours and gradually made the trasition to using vegetable, flower, and insect materials.

Silk development in China, the ornate, intricate embroidery and designs of Turkey and Mongolia, and the development of more sophisticated looms and weaving techniques throughout the world lifted rug-making from necessity to art form.

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